you're here at last: a collaboration with Seward Johnson

I am honored to have been commissioned by The Outlet Dance Project to choreograph a brand new, site-specific piece at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey as part of The Retrospective; a celebration of world renowned artist Seward Johnson's work.

What does it mean to connect with the past in the present moment? you're here at last is a vignette of how people create and share memories. In response to Mr. Johnson's work, my choreography examines the intersection of stillness and live interaction with a sunny layer of sentimentality. It tangibly gives shape to the experience of recollection with smiles, mirth, and evocative fluidity of movement; set to an eclectic sound score including songs by Perry Como and Múm.

I have contracted five Philadelphia based dancers to perform you're here at last during The Outlet's Day of Dance on October 4, 2014.

Your investment in this project will enable me to honor the skill and dedication of my dancers with a performance stipend and it will provide transportation to and from the festival. Your commitment has a number of available rewards which will further the possibilities of access to community arts in Philadelphia. As a contributor, potential rewards include a free dance class and/or digital production packages including behind the scenes material.

Thanks for coming alongside this journey!


  • Julia Davis
  • Marina DiLoreto
  • Kailey McCrudden
  • Ashley Rison
  • Nia Shand

many thanks on behalf of the cast!


  • Martha & Domenic DiLoreto*
  • Nanette Hudson Joyce
  • Silvana Stumpff*
  • William A. Hebert
  • Maria Tierney
  • Kara & Joshua Goeke
  • Donna McCrudden
  • Angelo DiLoreto*
  • Calvin Eichorn
  • Colleen Hooper
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous*
  • Nathan Landis Funk
  • Julie Johnson
  • Mireya Alvarez
  • Brittanie Gilmore
  • Diana Hart
  • Benjamin Jackson
  • Leslie Zakiya Cornish
  • Enna Izaguirre Avila

Outstanding Community Partners:

  • Mona Statmore*

*donation of $50 or higher