Selected Works

Ageless Dream: Historias Nuestras (2017)

Developed as part of the BrideNext residency, this project focuses on advocacy and selfhood for American immigrants. The performance threads together memories of home, journeys across national borders, and questions around the American crisis of immigration. We partnered with migrant and ally communities through Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, Aquinas Center, and New Sanctuary Movement in the research and process of this work.

The [performers] are able griots, squeezing corporeal meaning out of the spoken word. Fierce, precise performers, they are unafraid to reveal the multifaceted nature of the human condition. They travel, rest, encourage, and comfort one another while moving in the space with assisted air-borne phrases, intricate floorwork, and moments of individual exclamations of strength and anger, frailness and gratitude, joy. 

— Rhonda Moore, ThINKingDANCE

Presentation: Painted Bride Art Center, November 2017


Passport (2016)

What is the first thing you notice about your surroundings? How do you know whether or not you belong? Passport sifts through memories based on travel and the influence of past and present communities through poetic imagery and non-linear storytelling.

"Writing with their bodies, each orator caught up with the group as they continued writing words with their dancing instrument. Having seen Alvarez' works at various showcases, she often cushions her explorations with memories and lived experiences. Alvarez is not just a choreographer, she is a storyteller."

Gregory King, The Dance Journal

Presentation: Performance Garage, June 2016


faith shift (2015)

faith shift is a work in progress triggered by doubt and an estranged relationship with religion. Is organized religion relevant apart from what I grew up with? How do I reconcile my doubts with my upbringing? Does the truth I thought I knew have any implications for my current lifestyle? Is Christianity enough to explain God and the universe? faith shift searches for clarity, resolution, and meaning through movement, text, and song for those of us who have ever felt particularly uncomfortable talking about religion in public at any point in our respective spiritual journeys. faith shift brings into question the role of spiritual identity, tradition, and ritual. A talk back follows the performance.

Presentations: Mascher Space Cooperative, July 2015 | ETC Performance Series, December 2015 | FringeArts, June 2016 

With faith shift, Alvarez frees the table from the chains of censorship. She brings it to her dancers and her audiences and says, “Let’s talk about it.”

— Chrysta Brown, The Dance Journal


One Breath (2015)

One Breath was created in collaboration with Julian Hartwell Music.

"It's only one breath from disbelief's world to the place where faith resides. It's only one sigh from doubt's waystation to the homeland of certainty. Don't now despise this single, dear breath-the purpose of life is just this breath." — Shah Ni'matallah Wali

Presentations: CHI Movement Arts Center, February 2015 | Koresh Artist Showcase, March 2015 | ETC Performance Series, May 2015


Soy (I am) (2012)

A quartet exploring familiarity and cultural identity, depicting interdependence and connection through fluidity of movement.

Presentations: Conwell Dance Theater, 2012 | Lehigh Valley Charter Arts Alumni Dance Concert, 2016