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 Photo: Brittnie Knight

Photo: Brittnie Knight

Current Project: Llegando (work in progress)

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Pay What You Can, sliding scale $5-$15


Part of 2018 SoLow Fest

Destiny and Pancho are two cousins desperate to find La Ciudad. What they find instead is a journey that teaches them about their ancestral past, and how they can move through the present. Llegando is about the psychic pain we've never experienced and didn't have language for, and where it comes from.

Runtime - 40 min

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Presented by Lxs Primxs
Created by Belle Alvarez & Carl(os) Roa
Outside Eye/Dramaturgy by Cat Ramirez


 Photo: Brittnie Knight

Photo: Brittnie Knight

Quienes somos

Belle Alvarez and Carl(os) Roa are the performance artists that make up Lxs Primxs. Honduran and Colombian in spirit, estranged and yearning in mind, Lxs Primxs creates work that speaks to a third culture following. 

With Belle's dance training and Carl(os)' theatre background, they complete each other and form a chromatic mezcla of collective embodiment, rooted in an understanding of the tension between assimilation and preservation. The two saw themselves in each other's work and soon identified each other as artist primxs.

Lxs Primxs was conceived in 2017 when Carl(os) and Belle met through the process and productions of Andean Mountains (Roa) and Ageless Dream: Historias Nuestras (Alvarez). They are currently developing Llegando, a project slated to premiere in 2019.



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